Jazmin Yeje

Account Specialist

Jazmin is our star account specialist, she makes sure that all our clients are up to date and in compliance. She is a people person and loves to help others and guide them whenever we need to do a transition. “Knowing that I was able to help someone fills me with joy, because I know how it feels to be unfamiliar with certain aspects of our business lives”.

Jazmin has great experience working in customer service, she prides herself on being able to provide a personal customer service experience, “I understand that an important part of customer service is putting yourself in the client’s shoes and knowing how you would like to be treated”.

Aside from enjoying helping others, Jazmin likes the outdoors. “Growing up with two older brothers was very influential for me since I developed a great passion for physical activities”. Jazmin enjoys riding motorcycles, rock climbing, jet skiing, and paragliding.

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